Why Advanced Tools Are Needed to Evaluate Real Estate Company’s Performance

advanced tools for real estate

A real estate agency generates data in large volumes on a day-to-day basis. Data is the ultimate source for endless opportunities, helping track performance across the organization on different parameters and at various levels, which is difficult to achieve when they are scattered at various locations and need the best lead management software with advanced tools to evaluate company performance combining data in a central location and present meaningful and helpful insights. Performance management is to find out the areas that lack focus and correct the course of actions, which saves time, effort, and spend (cost) in lead acquisition and sale conversions where performance management tools generate precise and highly indicative performance reports from the data inputs facilitating in and out performance management, which drives enhanced real estate company performance.

Role of Real Estate Lead Management Tools in Performance Management

From measuring entire sales performance, and specific ad campaign performance to the performance of team and agents individually by project, lead, and funnel position, the role of a comprehensive real estate lead management software is incredibly helpful in measuring company performance from 360 degrees prompting you to take correct decisions at every crucial stage to achieve maximum sales from the acquired leads. Advanced technology allows setting custom targets for conversions and sales for every project/lead source/agent and it projects the performance as KPIs and overviews for improvements accordingly to meet the targets.
The sales managers can evaluate the performance of projects, site visits, opportunities, and drops from the active and real-time performance tracker. They can use filters to eliminate and include various criteria for efficient report creation on the performance on various key parameters. The system measures several aspects of lead management. Using the target-setting tool the managers can measure individual agent performance, which again aids in evaluating overall company performance.

How Do Advanced Tools Help to Evaluate Company Performance?

KPIs are one of the essential tools that help to measure the company's performance at crucial stages. KPIs help generate reports and share them with the agents for deeper analysis and to improve decision- making at critical times. The filters in the performance tracker allow viewing and evaluating company performance through comprehensive metrics in the Key result areas (KRAs).
Here is a list of real estate KPIs in the best lead management software that you can use to assess the company's performance.

  • Leads acquired from online channels
  • Leads acquired from offline channels
  • Conversions and sales
  • Site visits
  • Booking opportunities
  • Sales
  • Cost per lead
  • Return on investment

Performance Evaluation Tool

A performance evaluation tool tracks accurate information on non-measurable attributes of agent performance into quantified measures based on projects, leads, and sales counts. The agents identify the areas of improvement and perform better, which adds value to the company’s entire performance.


A comprehensive lead management system for real estate with advanced tools integration is needed to evaluate company performance from multiple checkpoints and present information such as overviews, performance tracker metrics, and KPI evaluations. Performance management tools help track and measure performance by various criteria, such as projects, lead sources, ad campaigns, and sales agents,
with which you can also measure the performance of agents. This way, a real estate company can focus more on the underperforming areas and effectively build new strategies to improve overall performance of the real estate business.

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