The Benefits of CRM in the Indian Real Estate Industry

real estate crm benefits

Think about all the activities that you, as a real estate agent, broker or channel partner, do every day. From answering project enquiries and conducting site visits to completing documentation and closing deals, the list is never-ending. With extremely hectic schedules and property deals coming in from various sources, managing everything manually becomes very difficult. But what if we tell you that there is a software that can manage everything from handling the entire sales process to viewing a consolidated performance report? Real estate is no exception when the entire landscape turns into automation.
CRM, an acronym for Customer Relationship Management, is a software that integrates technology with client strategy to maximise customer relationships. The advantages of using CRM? The software helps real estate agents gain an edge over their competitors in the current scenario. CRM is of utmost importance for real estate agents, as the software eases the way of doing business and is a great platform for storing all the information regarding your business in one place. With a CRM system for your business, you can work and communicate with partners anytime and anywhere and research the site on the go. The best benefit of using a CRM system is that it is easy to use, does not require any software installation, and can be accessed by anyone in the business circle. Let us understand how CRM software is a boon in the Indian real estate industry.

Smart Lead Management

Property buyers today expect a quick response from real estate agents and brands as they search for properties exclusively on online search engines. But achieving this goal becomes next to impossible when all the leads are scattered across various platforms such as real estate portals, social media platforms, exhibition sites etc. Here the advantages of the CRM system stand important. CRM system stores all the information in a single and secure location. This helps real estate agents and businesses to respond to prospects with accurate information.

Sales Prioritisation

Quite often, real estate agents or brokers spend a lot of time interacting with clients who, in the end, do not proceed till the end of the sales funnel. This generally happens when businesses have a collective audience insight or cannot deduce the highest priority prospects. This issue can be effectively managed if real estate businesses understand the benefits of using CRM. CRM software collects data and analyses the liking of leads who taps on the pitch link. Based on the details like location, demographics etc., it becomes clear if the prospect needs to be prioritised first.

Faster Response to Customer Queries

Whether it’s through phone calls, text messages or social media, real estate businesses receive property queries from every direction possible. CRM systems capture these enquiries and help businesses address them accordingly. In fact, some CRM systems also come with auto-responders that send answers to a customer query when the real estate agent is physically not present to answer the query. You can even customise the message based on the prospect's specific action.

Retains More Customer

Keeping the interest of existing customers and evaluating the likes and dislikes of the customer is paramount to engaging and retaining customers. With a CRM in place, real estate businesses can communicate with customers on certain occasions via email or text message. The benefit of CRM is that real estate agents can send newsletters to customers containing new property information or referral campaigns when they suggest the company to new prospects.

Helps Track Performance Analysis

To make any business profitable, you need to understand and track which campaign is performing well and which is not. This is where the benefit of CRM encourages both the seller and the buyer. Since CRM systems store data in a central location, the data can be generated daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. This will help real estate agents identify loopholes and key gaps, thereby improving the strategies.

Summing Up

With the growing real estate landscape and rising competition, the industry has marched into a technological revolution and CRM as a solution is actively participating in it. CRM software for the Indian real estate industry can help transform customer relationships and ensure business growth. Most importantly, the benefit of using CRM software for the real estate landscape in India is that it organises all tasks efficiently, thereby saving time and resources.

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