Here Are Few FAQs To Give You A Heads Up

Who can use Mint360?

Property developers, real estate agents, real estate marketing professionals, real estate companies and real estate professionals offering lead management services can use this comprehensive lead management system. It simplifies everyday tasks in lead management and increases number of sales conversions.

Why do I need an online and offline lead management system?

Real estate marketing is not entirely online. TV commercials digital OOH (out-of-home advertising), and offline media have energized offline marketing to keep tapping new opportunities in the real world. But retaining the leads for conversions and preventing them from slipping through the cracks requires powerful digital solutions that offer efficient offline and online lead management. Mint360 does exactly that, hence improves conversion and sales performance.

Why do I need a real estate CRM solution for Lead management?

With real estate CRM solutions for lead management, you can empower your sales agents and tele callers to own their responsibilities and make knowledge-based decisions. They can trace booking opportunities in real time to convert prospects into sales.

Why should I use Mint360 for real estate lead management?

Mint360 is an end-to-end lead management solution that offers a comprehensive working platform with customizable dashboards for admin, sales managers, and tele callers to efficiently perform their day to day tasks with enhanced results.

What Is Lead Management System?

A lead management system is a software solution designed to streamline sales operations and conversion processes for businesses. It helps collect, organize, and nurture prospects by capturing their information from various sources and tracking their interactions. Further, it facilitates nurturing through targeted communication, optimizes marketing processes, and improves conversion rates.

What is Lead Management in CRM?

Lead management in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) refers to the process of capturing, organizing, and nurturing potential buyers on a CRM platform. It involves collecting prospects from various channels, categorizing them according to the funnel stage for targeted marketing, and skillfully guiding them through the sales pipeline with the help of CRM tools. The goal is to optimize the lead journey and boost conversion rates.

What is Lead Management Software?

Lead management software is a digital solution that systemizes and improves the efficiency of sales pipeline processes. It captures prospects information from multiple sources on a central platform and allows efficient opportunity tracking, marketing, and sales activities. The scoring mechanism helps prioritize interested buyers based on their conversion potential, and automation facilitates personalized nurturing and targeted ad campaigns for better conversions. An advanced solution significantly improves the effectiveness of your efforts by preventing leads from slipping through the cracks.

Find the Best Software for Lead Management

An ideal prospect governing system captures buyer details and interaction from a wide range of online and offline channels, such as websites, social media platforms, and offline advertisements & events, and simplifies tracing and follow-ups. Best lead management software offers user-friendly dashboards and seamless integration with CRM tools, including email, SMS, and other communication channels helping agents to make better conversions through effective interactions with prospects on the platform.

How Do I Find the Solutions for Lead Management?

In order to find lead management solutions, it is essential to stay updated on technological advancements in the industry. Identify your specific needs and goals, with regards to managing your marketing and sales operations. Conduct thorough research to identify reputable Martech solutions providers specializing in a niche industry. Evaluate the features such as automation, opportunity tracking, nurturing, scoring, marketing ad campaigns, integration with CRM systems, property listing websites, etc., reporting & analytics capabilities and multi-channel communication options before making the decision.

What Are the Features of Lead Management Software?

Lead management system features a wide range of tools and functionalities to optimize marketing processes. It includes capturing potential customer details from multiple sources, such as websites, socialmedia, campaigns etc., tracing, follow-ups, and effective nurturing through various communication channels like email, SMS, and WhatsApp. Strong internet security measures ensure data protection, while performance matrix assists in evaluating the productivity of telecallers and sales managers. Reports, forecasts, and analytics features aid in gaining valuable insights into efficiency of the sales outcome.

How to Find the Best Lead Management Platform?

Finding the best lead management platform involves a systematic approach. Start by assessing your business needs and goals. Research reputable solution providers, read reviews, and evaluate their track record. Compare features and functionalities such as inbound & outbound call facility, automation, and integration capabilities. Utilize demos or trials to completely know about the platform. Evaluate customer support and other resources. By following these steps, you can find a platform that aligns with your requirements and maximize your business efficiency.

How Real Estate Lead Tracking Software Works?

Real estate lead tracking software streamlines marketing and sales efforts in the real estate industry. It collects customer information from different sources and organizes them into a centralized database. The software tracks interactions and activities, providing useful insights into their engagement and willingness to make a purchase. This information helps real estate agents prioritize and tailor their follow-up efforts. By leveraging real estate CRM, agents can efficiently manage their prospects, improve response times, and increase the chances of converting interests into sales.

How to Select the Best Lead Management Software for Real Estate?

When selecting the best lead management software for real estate, pay attention to specific aspects like the facility to bulk upload client details, easy qualifying and tracking of the stage in the marketing funnel, booking opportunities, site visit scheduling, alerts & notifications on upcoming site visits, follow-ups, and buyer actions. Further, features like automated listing updates, scoring based on property preferences user-friendly interface, and integration with other CRM tools are the best bet while adopting technology for real estate marketing and sales operations.

How to Manage Lead Management CRM for Real Estate?

To manage lead management CRM for real estate, start by customizing your CRM and align with your business processes. Capture and import potential client data from all the available sources, then categorize them based on preferences and sources. Prioritize and follow up using reminders and automated workflows. Implement marketing strategies and track all interactions on the platform. Monitor performance using reporting and real estate KPIs and KRAs. Evaluate the performance of your sales agents and telecallers. Leverage integrated tools to handle all aspects of marketing and sales activities comprehensively.

Why is Lead Management System important for Real-estate?

The real-estate industry caters to a wide spread of audience for whom the marketing spends is quite a lump sum. Right from every launch to current projects to offline/online marketing campaigns require proper data capturing, follow ups, monitoring and measurement in order to make sure that developer gain maximum profit – which can only be facilitated through a proper (L)ead (M)angement (S)ystem.

What are the possible threats faced by a real-estate developer with or without LMS?

Lead leakage is the biggest possible threat property developers face and the lack of data security makes them vulnerable to competitors –ultimately having to share the spoils of not so capitalised lead.

What makes Mint360 unique?

Mint360 is India’s First Comprehensive Online & Offline Integrated LMS that specifically caters to the real-estate industry. This end-to-end lead management system is conceptualised and developed to resolve every pain point of property developers in the country with 16+ mainstream features and plethora of supporting features.

How does Mint360 help in solving the problems of developers?

Comprehensive Data Capturing - Process of Filtering & Nurturing Leads - Convert Buyer Profile - Measure, Analyse & Track the entire lead cycle.

How does Mint360 integrate Offline & Online marketing?

All leads captured enter Mint360’s lead funnel, where it gets categorised based on its source (Online/Offline) and classifies it until sub-sources (Facebook, Google/Bus Back, Hoardings etc.). Thus giving real-estate developers the edge to design effective marketing campaigns and allow them to make better informed decisions.

Does Mint360 provide multiple accesses for users?

Keeping in mind the fundamental strengths of multiple accesses, Mint360 allows users to create ‘n’ of accesses based on the subscribed package. So that Telecallers, Sales Managers & the Management are in sync and have a better control over the complete process.

Does Offline/Online data overlap?

While Mint360 integrates online and offline data capturing, separate dashboards are maintained to clearly disguise between the two and eliminate the possibility of any overlap what so ever.

What are the key features of Mint360?

Round Robin Leads Distribution - Inbound & Outbound Calling System - Auto Lead Scoring - Escalation Matrix - Set & Monitor KPIs - Marketing Cost Measurement - 360 Degree Custom Tracking - 360 Degree PFS

What is the primary KPI of a Telecaller?

Telecallers are to qualify leads, work on follow ups until site visit is confirmed with end-to-end tracking.

What is the primary KPI of a Sales Manager?

The primary KPI of a sales manager is to attend customers, take them to the opportune stage and push bookings.

Does Mint360 have an End-to-End Tracking System?

A 360-degree tracking system is in place to trace leads from platforms, sources and sub-sources, projects, site visits, bookings, team performances and other key parameters based on placed requirement of tele/sales executives and the management.

Is marketing measurement possible?

Mint360 measures online and offline marketing costs with 100% accuracy as it is able to track, monitor and map every piece of data within the system.

Is there a calling feature?

The Inbound /Outbund calling function forms a part of Mint360’s comprehensive lead system that also features an option to record.

Does it provide an Email & SMS system?

With instant push notifications enabled for tele/sales executives, Mint360 is the ideal platform to send ‘n’ of transactional and promotional Emails & SMSs without having to using any of the third party applications.

Is it difficult for a real-estate developer to incorporate Mint360?

Mint360 is an easy to affix system that offers a seamless integration to any existing operating system of any developer across India.

Is Mint360 customisable?

Catering every real-estate property developers’ specific needs – Mint360 can easily be integrated and customised by setting every developer’s very own marketing objectives, KRAs & KPIs.

Will you provide training once integrated?

Yes! Mint360 will be handhold and provide a full training service to facilitate easy integration and usage.

How does the billing work?

Billing is based on a monthly subscription model. For pricing, kindly contact us.

How to contact us?

Phone No: +91 9355005008
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What is a CRM lead management system for real estate?

A CRM lead management system for real estate is a digital solution with comprehensive features and tools to help streamline the lead management processes, optimize marketing performances, keep track of leads, and move leads in the sales pipeline.

Why do I need lead management software for my real estate business?

Digital lead management software gives deep visibility into each lead and every lead journey in a single centralized location, prevents leads from falling through the cracks, and helps plan better ad campaigns with accurate metrics, reports, and KPIs.

What is Mint360?

Mint360 is India’s pioneer online and offline lead management solution exclusively for the real estate industry to capture, categorize, distribute, and nurture leads, facilitating end-to-end lead management. The system allows you to group leads acquired from different online and offline efforts in the marketing funnel and share leads with marketing and sales agents and tele callers for faster and systematic sales conversions with informed decision making.

Which is the best CRM lead management software for real estate in India?

Mint360 is India's best lead management software exclusive real estate industry. It offers seamless integration and eliminates the difficulties in tracking leads speeds up the lead journey. The CRM lead management software with role-based access helps to monitor the lead journey, track performance, monitor KPIs, allocate tasks to end users. It enables the sales managers to track bookings, follow-ups, site visits, schedules, bookings and the telecallers to track new leads, follow-ups, and trace lead stages to make smart decisions to increase sales.

What are the main features of lead management system?

The customized real estate lead management software Mint360 has 16+ prime features and plenty of ancillary features to eliminate challenges and accelerate sales conversions. You can integrate with online channels like Google, Facebook, Linkedin, and property websites and offline channels like Billboards, Print media, Direction boards, Bus backs, Metro ads, and TVC and track them on a single platform to track leads in real-time. The system also allows project-wise tracking, site visit bookings and measures performance accurately. You can set targets, alerts, and notifications for different parameters to achieve target KPIs.

How is Mint360 different from real estate CRM solutions available in the Indian Market?

Mint360 is the first ever real estate lead management solution that allows you to track both online and offline leads and effectively manage all your leads from a single central location. The custom lead management system with automation addresses the challenges of real estate developers in lead capturing, marketing, and sales, systemizes the processes with greater lead visibility, enables speedy conversions and enhances sales.

Is Mint360 ready to use once after integration?

Yes. You can migrate to Mint360 once after the integration. Our lead management system has a simple interface and intuitive dashboards that are easy to use for end users.

How does Mint360 help my marketing agents to increase real estate lead conversions?

Your agents can create new leads, upload leads from the database, track opportunities, site visits, and lead journey performance. They can assign projects/tasks to tele callers and monitor performance through various reports.

How does Mint360 help improve my telecaller performance?

The system enables your telecallers to create lead opportunities and follow qualified online and offline leads in real time. They can upload leads in bulk and call them directly from the application.

How does the real estate lead management system help me increase sales?

With accurate information on lead opportunities, bookings, site visits, and real-time notifications, you can keep close track of every individual lead journey and establish accurately targeted conversion strategy as per the position of leads in the marketing funnel for successful sale conversions.

How to prevent leads from slipping through the cracks?

Mint360 offers greater visibility of your online and offline leads and helps you position them to make your every marketing effort into successful sales. It is a clutter-free medium to prop your leads with accurate real-time data so you don't miss track of qualified leads.

What apps can I integrate with Mint LMS?

You can connect Mint360 with all the online channels, which include Google, Facebook, Linkedin, email accounts (Gmail, Outlook), existing website, and real estate websites like Magicbricks, 99acres, commonfloor, No broker, etc, and third-party apps.

How do I import lead information in the CRM into Mint LMS?

The sales managers and telecallers can easily import lead data from the database as XLS and CSV files.

Can I send bulk Emails and SMS from the platform?

Yes, you can send bulk Emails and SMS from the platform. You can also integrate Whatsapp and send offers, targeted emails, and text messages to segmented leads in volumes to accelerate sales.

How do I know customer data I store in the lead management system is safe?

Powered by India's top Martech solutions provider AdGlobal, Mint360 is built with high-end software proficiency. We ensure utmost security and privacy and are vigilant to protect customer data from emerging threats on the internet. Also, our cloud-based lead management solution complies with all industry regulations and securely stores your customer data.

What are the benefits of a CRM lead management system in real estate?

Real estate CRM solution for lead management brings all the data to a central access point, connects the gap between marketing and sales, and allows effective engagement with all your leads leading to more conversions and sales.

What are the KPIs I can track and measure on Mint360?

The performance tracker offers metrics on the performance of projects indicating KRAs and KPIs for site visits, booking opportunities, drops, and overall performance of the project, ad campaign, and team performance.

How to improve the performance of real estate ad campaigns with Mint360?

With precise report creation of lead conversion and marketing outcomes on several parameters in the leadership journey, you can create an effective strategy for lead engagement, conversions, and sales make your every ad campaign successful.